Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Long time no see!
I wanted to share with you all an amazing opportunity I had recently, thanks to my friend Salli Swindell.  Every year The Grey Colt in Hudson, OH hosts an event to raise money for charities that are near and dear to them.  This year about 50 artists participated by creating "Stockings" to be raffled off the week of December 7th. I decided to take a different approach than most, and created these "His and Hers" pillows with the theme "stockings" in mind. 

All the proceeds this year went to an organization started by a girl about my age called "One Bead".  Please visit her website and donate if you are able.  She has an inspiring story and all of her donations go toward helping a city in Kenya.  Simply incredible, and I am glad I could be a part of it for this special night.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  1. i bought raffle tickets to win your "stockings"...but was not lucky enough. great concept...thanks for joining in on the fun!