Thursday, July 29, 2010


These are photos from my sophomore year at CCAD

"Capturing Light"

Light was the focus of the are some of the captures I made.

Brothers Grimm Spot Illos

Publish PostThis is a piece from my sophomore year at CCAD

Entitled: Spot Illustrations for Brothers Grimm Fairytales, 2010

Pretty self explanatory...silhouettes, type, color, and support silhouettes working together to get ideas across about the stories. i really enjoyed doing these ones!

Bed Head Ads

This is a piece from my sophomore year at CCAD

Entitled: Bed Head Advertisements, 2010

This is a mixed media ad that i did as part of a group. I did this part of the ad series, as well as the process book, and another kid did the 2 ads that went along with it.

Thermos Ad

This is a piece from my sophomore year at CCAD

Entitled: Thermos Ad, 2010

This is an Ad in progress. It was for our team class at school, doing a series of ads as well as designing thermos cups for all age groups. I have always wanted to go back in and ad color to this, but i have never gotten the chance.

The Emperor's New Clothes Spot Illo.

This is a piece from my sophomore year at CCAD

Entitled: The Emperor's new clothes Spot Illustration, 2010

This piece is actually missing a few of its components in this form. In the final piece he has gold crowns on his red underpants. I was trying to capture both the nakedness of the emperor and the grandeur that he possesses.


This is a piece I did this summer for a gallery

Entitled: Mia, 2010

This is a mixed media piece that I did for fun of my dog Mia. I love all the textures in her fur, and I tried to emulate that with magazine and newspaper clippings as a base underneath the painting. This piece has been hanging in Galleria Evangelia the past few weeks in her Pet Gallery show.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I haven't forgotten you.
I just finished up being an orientation leader at CCAD, and had a BLAST! We got to learn all about the school, and help kids during this exciting time of finding their home for the next four years.

I also got a piece in to Galleria Evangelia, which will be showing in her "Pets" show on July 17th. I will be there, and hopefully will be able to sell my piece and/or other pieces done in the same style. I will post a digital image of it soon.