Saturday, February 4, 2012

I.S. - StoryLine

My homework for this week was to figure out the beginning/middle/end of my story
So here is the first draft of the "flow" of the storyline.

1. World rotates, as the sun comes up on Sumatra

Zoom in to see tigers/ elephants/ orangutans in their natural environment.

2. Tiger walks, happy, background changing behind him to show the habitat and animals

3. Tiger hears a noise, and starts running away. hides as shadow approaches.
Bulldozer tears down area tiger was just in.

4. Follow Bulldozer, watch load trucks with trees, etc. Show companies or uses on the sides of the planes/trucks and then zoom out to see these planes taking off.

5. See the globe/map, and areas of green become brown....or some other way to show that these environments are being devastated.

6. Cut back into our Tiger friend hiding, comes out to see what happened to everything, and to his friends and companions. Finds camera from WWF and comes right up to it, and smells it

7. Show video as "video" on a person's tv. People begin to take action, and send money.

8. Money being sent from everywhere, to make the devastated areas "green" again.

9. Pan to the map "key", where there is a call to action, and website/number of WWF.

Simple story, easy to follow.
Beginning: before people took trees,
Middle: bulldozer, tiger noticing the damage
End: how you can help.

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